I haven’t written much lately. Life seems to have gotten in the way, as it so often does. But a recent loss in my family has somehow brought me back to writing.

My grandmother (aka Nonny) recently passed away. Near the end of her sickness, as the entire family was trying to get affairs in order, the topic of an obituary came up. My dear aunt, who knows of my secret desire to write, volunteered me to tackle the task.

My first thought, panic. I had no idea what I would write. How could I possibly write about her and her life in a way that truly expressed how much I love her and how deeply I would miss her? But suddenly, and quickly, it came to me. I wrote it down immediately, afraid I would lose it, thinking I could always edit later. However, the more I looked at it, the more perfect it seemed.

Through unforeseen events (family drama, weird right?), it turned out my obituary was not destined to be used. But that’s okay. I still wrote it. It still exists as a testament to how I feel about my grandmother. It may not ever appear in the Sunday paper, but it can exist online. Here on my blog. On social media. And that is enough. I will miss my Nonny immensely, here is my written farewell to her. Rest well, Nonny, rest well.

“Wouldn’t that be fun?”, Patti Leafgren spoke those words often. Mother, wife, grandmother, aunt, sister, friend, these are just a few of the roles Patti filled throughout her life. For Patti, sitting around a table talking and playing games with those she loved was the best way to spend an evening. She loved sunshine and crafting (and enjoying the occasional glass of wine). But no matter what she was doing, she always made it fun. Patti passed peacefully in her sleep on the morning of June 29th, 2015, after a battle with cancer. She leaves behind her husband, Tom, her children, Jodi, Dan, and Michael, her grandchildren, and many others. She was a wonderful woman who will be missed by many. Wherever she is now, we know she will be having fun. IMG_1277


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