The Best Picture Show: More WWII Movies and Multiple Storylines

There are TWO episode of The Best Picture Show I have yet to plug here on the blog!

First, WWII: Part III

I don’t know if you’ve ever glanced at the complete list of Best Picture winners, but there are at least 11 which feature WWII in some way. We have had two previous episodes about WWII (World War II Family Films, Love is a Battlefield), this is our third and final episode discussing films which focus on the war and/or soldiers. These include: The Best Years of Our Lives, Bridge on the River Kwai, Schindler’s List. It is a good one. It obviously gets quite sad at the end, but then we make a bunch of jokes about shitty TV and talk about dinosaurs to make ourselves feel better. Check it out here!

Second, So Many Storylines!

Sometimes movies like to tell a bunch of seemingly unrelated stories which weave together to tell an overarching tale. Do you like those movies? Check out our episode! We discuss Grand Hotel, West Side Story, and Crash. Yes, we do discuss everyone’s hatred of Crash. You can find it here:

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